30 minutes • R250 – R300

We charge only R250 per single ear piercing, R300 if you want to get two lobe piercings. Then R300 for any facial, industrial, navel and nipple piercing. This price includes the surgical steel jewelry that we pierce with.


30 minutes • FREE!

Have an idea for a tattoo but don’t know quite how to execute it? We will happily sit down with you and discuss what can be possible and what we recommend will look best.

Starting Price

30 minutes • R500

Our starting price / set up fee is R500. This is the price we would typically charge for a small, simple tattoo that would not take longer than a few minutes to complete.


2 weeks • R500

We ask a design deposit of R500 for bigger pieces, this is deducted from your total quote. This could take up to 2 weeks to be ready, depending on the size of the project. This is non-refundable.

Whenever you book with us we will tell you more or less how long a tattoo will take and give a quote based on the size and amount of detail, below is our hourly rate to help you get a rough estimate for yourself.

1 Hour Session

1 hour • R1000

For bigger pieces we charge R1000 per hour.

6 Hour Session

6 hours • R4500

For a 6 hour session we have a special of R4500, saving you R1500.

3 Hour Session

3 hours • R2500

Current special of a 3 hour sitting for only R2500, saving you R500.

8 Hour Session

8 hours • R6000

For a full day we charge R6000, saving you R2000.